UFC Fight Night 233: Nasrat Haqparast Dominates Jamie Mullarkey in Highlight Video

So, we’re talking UFC Fight Night 233, right? There’s this highlight video that’s been making rounds. It’s all about Nasrat Haqparast.

Now, this guy, he’s something else. He just runs through Jamie Mullarkey. Like a hot knife through butter, if you catch my drift.

Mullarkey, well, he didn’t stand a chance. Not with Haqparast in the ring.

So, yeah. That’s the highlight video everyone’s been talking about. Nasrat Haqparast, remember the name. He’s the one who ran through Jamie Mullarkey.

And it’s all there in the UFC Fight Night 233 highlight video. You gotta see it to believe it.

So, there you have it. A quick recap, if you will. UFC Fight Night 233, Nasrat Haqparast, Jamie Mullarkey, and a highlight video that’s worth every second.

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