UFC Fight Night 237 Fight Facts: Moreno vs. Royval 2

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So, let’s talk numbers. The UFC has hosted a whopping 7,539 fights across 680 events. That’s a lot of punches, kicks, and submissions!

Mexico City recently played host to the UFC, marking a long-awaited return. The event was a showcase of local talent squaring off against international fighters. By the end of the night, the home crowd had plenty to cheer about, with Mexican fighters edging out their opponents 6 to 4.

Viva Mexico Again! This latest event was the first time the UFC had been back to Mexico since September 2019. Remember UFC Fight Night 159? Yair Rodriguez, Brandon Moreno, and Claudio Puelles all threw down that night.

Brand on Brandon Violence 2: Electric Boogaloo. Yep, you read that right. Moreno vs. Royval was the fourth event in UFC history where the headliners shared a first name. Talk about a name game!

Something seemed a bit off after the card wrapped up. Four fights ended in split decisions, just one shy of the record. Makes you wonder, right?

Matchmaking seemed a breeze this time around. We had three rematches on the card, with fighters getting a second chance to settle their scores.

Royval and Moreno went the distance, with Royval snagging a split decision win. It’s his third decision victory, but don’t let that fool you. His finish rate? An impressive 81%.

He likes it raw, indeed. Royval threw a staggering 510 significant strikes, landing 145. That’s the fourth highest in a single UFC fight, but still behind Max Holloway’s record.

Speaking of Holloway, Ortega snagged a win with an arm-triangle choke against Rodriguez. That’s his fifth third-round victory in the UFC.

Ortega’s submission game is strong, tying for second-most submissions among featherweights. Charles Oliveira leads the pack, though.

Max Holloway’s record is in Ortega’s sights again. He’s tied for second for most stoppages in the featherweight division.

Daniel Zellhuber and Francisco Prado threw down for three rounds, with Zellhuber earning “Fight of the Night” honors. “Golden Boy” indeed.

Manuel Torres showed his prowess with a rear-naked choke victory, maintaining a 93% finish rate. Talk about efficiency!

Mateus Mendonca, unfortunately, found himself on the wrong end of a split decision. That’s his third straight loss in the UFC.

Chairez and da Silva both missed weight, but Chairez still managed to secure a win. A rare occurrence in the UFC.

Da Silva’s luck hasn’t turned around yet. With an 0-5 record, he’s in some unfortunate company.

Fares Ziam’s journey to the UFC was marked by finishes. Since arriving, though, he’s become acquainted with the judges.

Felipe dos Santos knows how to keep it close, edging out Victor Altamirano by split decision.

The evening kicked off with an unfortunate injury. Erik Silva hurt his leg just 44 seconds into his fight, a first for a UFC event opener.

Never say never in the UFC. Several fighters faced new challenges at UFC Fight Night 237, from facing consecutive losses to competing abroad for the first time.

Royval decided to mix things up with his walkout music, opting for a local favorite before switching to his usual track. The crowd loved it.

Lastly, song choices can be telling. Moreno and Rodriguez both picked tunes with “El Corrido” in the title but couldn’t clinch victories.

There you have it, folks. The UFC never fails to surprise, entertain, and leave us talking long after the night is over.

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