UFC Fight Night 238: Christian Leroy Duncan TKOs Claudio Ribeiro with Elbows

Oh, man, did you catch that UFC Fight Night 238? It was wild, to say the least. Christian Leroy Duncan, that dude, he really brought the heat. And those elbows? Absolutely brutal.

He was up against Claudio Ribeiro. Tough guy, no doubt. But Duncan, he had something else up his sleeve. Or should I say, at the end of his arms? Those elbows, man. They were like hammers.

And then, boom! It happened. The TKO win. Duncan just unleashed a fury, and Ribeiro, well, he couldn’t handle it. It was over just like that.

Honestly, it was something you had to see to believe. Duncan’s elbows will be talked about for a while, I bet. What a highlight from UFC Fight Night 238.

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