UFC Fight Night 238: Loik Radzhabov Defeats Abdul-Kareem Al-Selwady with Powerful Strikes

Oh boy, did you catch that? “UFC Fight Night 238 Highlight Video: Loik Radzhabov Pounds Out Abdul-Kareem Al-Selwady.” Yeah, that happened.

It was wild, really. Loik Radzhabov, man, the guy was on fire. Just pounding away. And Abdul-Kareem Al-Selwady? Tough break for him.

You gotta see it to believe it. The energy, the intensity. It’s something else.

Radzhabov, though. What a powerhouse. He really brought it home. And Al-Selwady? Gave it his all, no doubt.

But, yeah. That’s the scoop. Crazy night, huh?

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