UFC Fight Night 238: Vinicius Oliveira’s Flying Knee KO of Bernardo Sopai Highlight

Oh, man, did you catch that? UFC Fight Night 238 just went off the charts. Seriously.

Vinicius Oliveira. This guy, right? He lands this flying knee. And bam! Bernardo Sopai is out cold.

It’s like, one moment you’re watching, and the next, it’s lights out for Sopai. Unreal.

Honestly, it’s the kind of stuff you gotta see to believe. Oliveira just soared. Like, literally.

And that KO? Pure poetry in motion. If you blinked, you missed it.

So, yeah. That’s the scoop. Oliveira’s flying knee was the talk of the town. Sopai didn’t see it coming.

Crazy, right? Just another day in the octagon, folks.

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