UFC Fight Night 239 Prelims: Mike Davis Defeats Natan Levy with Arm-Triangle Choke

Mike Davis made a thunderous return to the UFC lightweight division after a year and a half away. His comeback? Nothing short of spectacular.

In a display of skill that had fans on the edge of their seats, Davis took down Natan Levy with an arm-triangle choke. This all went down in the second round of their UFC Fight Night 239 prelim. Oh, and it was in Vegas, baby.

Levy, who was a tad heavier than he should’ve been for the fight, had to tap out just 1:43 into Round 2. Talk about intense, right?

From the get-go, Davis was on fire. A right hand from him seemed to do a number on Levy’s nose in the first 30 seconds. Davis dominated the first round, and the second wasn’t any different. He managed to get Levy to the ground, took control, and eventually, his arm-triangle choke sealed the deal.

Now, Davis is riding high on a four-fight winning streak. Not too shabby, huh?

Switching gears, Jafel Filho also made headlines by defeating Ode Osbourne with a rear-naked choke. All it took was the first round for Filho to claim victory. Osbourne surrendered 4:27 into the round.

Filho’s strategy was clear from the start. He got Osbourne to the ground, didn’t let up with his attacks, and eventually found the perfect moment to lock in his choke. Osbourne tried to escape, but Filho was just too much for him.

With this win, Filho’s record is looking pretty solid, boasting seven wins in his last eight fights.

Then there was the featherweight bout between Danny Silva and Joshua Culibao. This match was a nail-biter, going the distance and ending in a split decision. Silva, despite missing weight, managed to daze Culibao and almost snagged a guillotine in the first round. The fight was a back-and-forth affair, but Silva’s pressure and takedowns earned him the win.

Culibao is now facing back-to-back losses, a first in his career.

In women’s action, Jaqueline Amorim showed her prowess against Cory McKenna. An armbar in the first round was all it took for Amorim to secure the win. McKenna found herself in a world of trouble after catching a kick from Amorim, who then swiftly moved to finish the fight with an armbar.

Amorim, at 28, has now won six of her eight fights by submission. Impressive, right?

Lastly, Thiago Moises bounced back from a loss with a victory over Mitch Ramirez. Moises’ leg kicks were just too much for Ramirez, who couldn’t continue after the third round began. Moises’ strategy and execution were on point, marking a strong return to the win column.

Also, Chelsea Chandler and Chad Anheliger both secured unanimous decision wins in their respective fights. Chandler overcame a slight weight issue to beat Josiane Nunes, while Anheliger stepped in on short notice and outperformed Charalampos Grigoriou.

So, there you have it. A night of thrilling fights, comebacks, and a showcase of martial arts mastery. The UFC Fight Night 239 truly had it all.

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