UFC Fight Night 240 Fight Facts: Allen vs. Curtis 2

Oh, Fight Facts! It’s like a treasure trove of quirky stats and Octagon oddities, all wrapped up with puns and wordplay that keep things light and fun. Diving deep into the numbers, it tells us the tales behind the stats, giving us that sweet, sweet historical context.

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So, the UFC has been busy, huh? With a whopping total of 7,615 fights spread across 686 events, it’s clear they’ve been putting on quite the show. And just before UFC 300 – which is shaping up to be a blockbuster – there was this Apex event. Promised a main event full of thrills, and boy, did it deliver. Not just any old fight night, this one had its own flair with scorecards that made you go, “Huh?” and fighters showing off moves that’d make you think they’re auditioning for a martial arts movie.


Now, about that night. It was a tossup kind of evening, ending with three split decisions back-to-back. A first of its kind for a UFC card, making it a historic moment since something similar last happened at UFC Fight Night 121 in 2017.

And talk about a workout! After the 12th match, fighters had racked up 45 takedowns, making it the ninth-highest in UFC’s storied history. The record? A staggering 59 at UFC Fight Night 221 in 2023.

Brendan Allen, oh, Brendan Allen. Facing off against Chris Curtis, he not only avenged a past loss but also managed to land six takedowns in 25 minutes. That’s double what Curtis’ last nine opponents could muster combined.

Allen wasn’t just about the takedowns, though. He landed 112 significant strikes during his time in the Octagon with Curtis. Breaking the 100 mark for the first time and surpassing his previous high of 94 against Punahele Soriano in 2021.

Damon Jackson, with his eye-catching hair, needed all 15 minutes to secure a win for the fourth time in his 31-fight career. His finish rate took a slight dip, but “Action” Jackson still managed to edge out Anthony Hernandez on the scorecards.

Defying expectations, Jose Mariscal snagged a win and a nice little bonus along with Morgan Charriere. Mariscal’s current six-fight win streak is something to behold, doubling his previous best.

Ignacio Bahamondes, what a legend. Landing a head kick on Christos Giagos, he joined an elite group of fighters with both spinning kick and head kick knockouts under their belts. Names like Vitor Belfort and Stephen Thompson are in that club.

Charlie Campbell outlasted Trevor Peek in what might have been a career-defining moment for Peek. Starting strong, Peek’s recent fights have all gone the distance, a new trend for him.

Lukasz Brzeski, taking a decision win against Valter Walker, showed he’s not just a one-trick pony. This win, his first in the Octagon, adds a new layer to his game, showing he can go the distance when needed.

Norma Dumont, on a roll with a four-fight win streak, made weight at bantamweight and took down Germaine de Randamie. It’s decision after decision for Dumont, showcasing her consistency.

Victor Hugo Silva, extending his win streak to 14 fights, showed his prowess against Pedro Falcao. With a mix of finishes and decisions, “Striker” is proving to be a force in the division.

Jean Matsumoto, keeping his record spotless, tapped out Dan Argueta with a guillotine choke. Matsumoto’s versatility is on full display, with a mix of submissions and decisions in his last six fights.

Cesar Almeida, the “Ancient Prospect,” continued his early pro success with a knockout win over Dylan Budka. At 36, Almeida’s showing that age is just a number, with most of his wins coming by knockout.

Nora Cornolle, pulling off the evening’s biggest betting upset, showed her striking prowess against Melissa Mullins. With a majority of her wins by stoppage, Cornolle’s making a name for herself.

Never say never, right? Before UFC Fight Night 240, fighters like Walker and Mullins had unbeaten records, while Argueta and Budka had never been finished or knocked out, respectively. Then, “Run, Run, Run, Run, Run, Run, Run Away” – Argueta picked a Talking Heads track for his entrance, joining Cristiano Marcello in a unique musical choice, though both ended up losing their fights.

Elvis Presley, the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, might not be the best luck charm for fighters. Budka’s choice of “Jailhouse Rock” continued the trend of fighters losing after walking out to Elvis tunes, with a win percentage of just .273.

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