UFC Fight Night 241 Breast Punch TKO Sparks Concerns in Women’s MMA

Oh boy, the MMA world’s buzzing again. This time, it’s all about Tamires Vidal’s technical knockout loss to Melissa Gatto. Happened at UFC Fight Night 241. And guess what? It was all because of a punch to the breast. Yeah, you heard that right.

Now, let’s dive into something a bit controversial. Tainara Lisboa, part of the UFC Fight Pass Brasil commentary team, dropped some knowledge. She said, hey, the rules are the same for both men and women. So, no foul for blows to the breasts. But here’s the kicker – she mentioned such strikes could lead to nodules, potentially causing breast cancer. Yikes.

The plot thickens after Evelyn Rodrigues’ chat with Melissa Gatto post-fight. Gatto was like, “I knew she felt pain from breast punches in past fights. Asked the ref about it, and he said, ‘Go for it, not a foul.'” So, she did. And well, we know how that ended.

Lisboa’s comments and Gatto’s interview stirred up quite the storm post-UFC Fight Night 241. Guilherme Bravo, the IMMAF refereeing director, chimed in on his “Momento Bravo” Youtube podcast. He’s all, “Gatto played by the rules. But let’s not blame her. It’s time for a debate to evolve the sport.”

Carlao Barreto, the voice of UFC Fight Pass Brasil, is on the same page. On his “Papo de Luta” podcast, he’s rallying for change. He even messaged Claudia Gadelha, saying, “We gotta do something. Maybe not change the rules, but how about a protective bustier as part of the official outfit?” He’s all for evolving the sport, just like how UFC’s considering redesigning gloves.

And Bravo? He’s pointing out that the Association of Boxing Commissions has a big meeting this year. Perfect timing to discuss the downed fighter rule and maybe, just maybe, this breast punch issue too.

“Debate is crucial for the sport’s evolution,” Bravo says. He’s hoping the ladies will bring this issue up at the ABC vote. Because, let’s face it, this is serious stuff.

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