UFC on ESPN 53: Igor Da Silva Disqualified for Biting Andre Lima

Oh, boy. You won’t believe this one. So, there we were, eyes glued to the screen for UFC on ESPN 53. And then, bam! Out of nowhere, Igor Da Silva gets himself DQ’d. Why, you ask?

Well, hold onto your hats. He bit Andre Lima. Yeah, you read that right. Bit him. Like, who does that?

In the middle of all the action, things took a wild turn. It’s not every day you see something like that. I mean, biting? Really? It’s like something out of a wild story, not a professional fight.

And let me tell you, the crowd went nuts. You could feel the shockwave through the fans. It was one of those “did that just happen?” moments. Absolutely bonkers.

So, there you have it. A highlight, or maybe a lowlight, from UFC on ESPN 53. Igor Da Silva, disqualified for taking a chomp out of Andre Lima. Talk about a match to remember – or maybe one to forget.

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