UFC on ESPN 56: Carlos Ulberg Earns $50K Bonus for Swift Victory

Oh boy, STL was on fire! 🙌 Carlos Ulberg and Diego Ferreira just smashed it, grabbing the POTN honors. #UFCStLouis was lit! Check it out [here](https://t.co/5KLOCayJbZ). UFC dropped this bomb on May 12, 2024, and man, was it explosive.

So, Carlos Ulberg? Dude made some serious bank at Alonzo Menifield’s expense. Not gonna lie, it was kinda brutal. A mere 12 seconds in, and bam! A technical knockout. That’s what happens when you go all in, guns blazing, but forget to watch your six. Ulberg’s left hand was all it took, amidst a wild flurry of punches. This all went down at UFC on ESPN 56, right in the heart of St. Louis. Talk about a showstopper.

But wait, there’s more. Diego Ferreira also had us all on the edge of our seats. He was up against Mateusz Rebecki, and things didn’t start too hot for him. Dropped in the first, but did he give up? Nope. Ferreira flipped the script, took control, and by the end of Round 3, it was lights out for Rebecki. Ground-and-pound, 4:51 on the clock, and another $50,000 in the bag. Talk about a comeback.

And then, the cherry on top. Trey Waters and Billy Goff gave us a welterweight brawl to remember. These dudes were relentless, trading blows like they were going out of style. But Waters, oh man, he had that extra something. He outstruck Goff, convincing the judges to hand him the unanimous decision win. Both warriors pocketed $50,000 each for their “Fight of the Night” performance. What a night, folks. What. A. Night.

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