UFC on ESPN 56 Fight Facts: Lewis vs. Nascimento

Oh, the world of Fight Facts is a curious place, ain’t it? It’s where numbers and fists do a little dance, and history gets written in sweat and blood. So, let’s dive in, but not too deep. We wouldn’t want to get lost in the stats.

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Now, did you know? The UFC has thrown down a whopping 7,666 fights across 690 events. That’s a lot of punches, kicks, and whatever else you can think of.

St. Louis recently played host to a UFC event that was nothing short of spectacular. The night was filled with locals winning, veterans proving they’re not done yet, and records being shattered. UFC on ESPN 56 was the stage for these warriors.

Speaking of local heroes, St. Louis had three fighters making waves. Joaquin Buckley, Sean Woodson, and Charles Johnson all snagged victories, making their hometown proud.

Derrick Lewis, oh, what a legend! He extended his record for the most knockouts in UFC history to 15. That’s right, fifteen! Dustin Poirier and Max Holloway trail behind with 11 each.

Lewis isn’t just about knockouts; he’s setting records left and right. With 15 knockouts, he’s leading the heavyweight pack by a mile.

Despite his love for knockouts, Lewis has a total finish count that’s hard to beat. Only Donald Cerrone, Jim Miller, and Charles Oliveira have more finishes in the UFC.

At 39, Lewis is still going strong. He’s now the second-winningest heavyweight in UFC history, with 19 wins under his belt.

Lewis is also one of the most active heavyweights, having fought 29 times in the UFC. Only Arlovski has him beat, with 41 fights.

Interestingly, Lewis has racked up 10 knockdowns in his UFC career, tying with some of the best in the heavyweight division.

Joaquin Buckley had to work hard for his win against Nursulton Ruziboev, proving he’s no stranger to going the distance.

Ruziboev’s streak came to an end in St. Louis. Before this, he hadn’t fought past 3:41 since 2019.

Carlos Ulberg made quick work of Alonzo Menifield, securing one of the fastest knockouts in divisional history.

Ulberg’s knockout prowess is undeniable. With an 80% finish rate, he’s a force to be reckoned with.

Mateusz Rebecki’s impressive win streak was halted by Diego Ferreira, who showed experience and timing can upset any momentum.

Sean Woodson’s victory over Alex Caceres was a testament to his skill and determination, even as Caceres marked his 20th UFC fight at 145 pounds.

Caceres, despite the loss, has landed over 1,000 significant strikes in his UFC career, a remarkable achievement.

Waldo Cortes-Acosta scored his first UFC takedown against Robelis Despaigne, showcasing his evolving skill set.

Despaigne experienced the longest fight of his career against Cortes-Acosta, a stark contrast to his previous quick finishes.

Chase Hooper’s victory over Viacheslav Borshchev was a display of his finishing ability, with most of his wins coming inside the distance.

Esteban Ribovics delivered a stunning knockout against Terrance McKinney, proving his power and finishing ability early on.

McKinney’s fights rarely go the distance, with most ending in the first round, win or lose.

Tabatha Ricci’s win over Tecia Pennington was a battle of endurance, with Ricci showing she’s ready for the long haul.

Pennington’s experience was evident in her 20th professional fight, a testament to her durability and skill.

Trey Waters earned a unanimous decision in a thrilling “Fight of the Night” against Billy Goff, showcasing his well-rounded abilities.

Charles Johnson’s decision win over Jake Hadley added another distance fight to his record, with only one stoppage in the UFC so far.

J.J. Aldrich’s fight with Veronica Hardy went the distance, continuing Aldrich’s streak of fights beyond the first round.

The UFC on ESPN 56 event was full of surprises, with previously undefeated fighters facing setbacks and proving that in the UFC, anything can happen.

Derrick Lewis’s choice of walkout music, “Tops Drop” by Fat Pat, has become a signature of his appearances, a small but unique tradition in the sport.

The choice of walkout music is a personal touch for fighters, with “My Time” by Fabolous featuring Jeremih being a popular choice among many.

And there you have it, a whirlwind tour through the latest and greatest in UFC Fight Facts. It’s a world where numbers tell tales of glory, heartbreak, and the relentless pursuit of greatness.

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