UFC Ultimate Ultimate 1995 Bonuses – Fighter Payouts for ‘Ultimate Ultimate 1995’

Event: UFC Ultimate Ultimate 1995: Ultimate Ultimate 1995
Date: Sat., Dec. 16, 1995
Venue: Mammoth Gardens
Location: Denver, Colorado
Total Fights: 9
Attendance: 2,800
Gate: Undisclosed
Buy Rate: 251,000

UFC Ultimate Ultimate 1995 is officially in the books. ‘Ultimate Ultimate 1995’-led card took place at the Mammoth Gardens in Denver, Colorado, 28 years ago. The nine-fight-event featured some excellent fights and a handful of nice finishes, punctuated by Dan Severn’s Decision victory over Oleg Taktarov. In the co-main event, Oleg Taktarov defeated Marco Ruas in round 1 by Decision.

You can view UFC Ultimate Ultimate 1995 results and full fight card.

UFC Ultimate Ultimate 1995 bonus awards

Traditionally, UFC has handed out bonuses for Fight of the Night, Submission of the Night, and Knockout of the Night. The bonuses ranged from $20,000 up to $120,000. In 2014, the promotion has announced the Performance of the Night bonuses will replace the existing Knockout and Submission of the Night awards. The bonuses will be $50,000 each. There are two types of awards:

  • Fight of the Night is awarded to both fighters in the best fight of the night.
  • Performance of the Night is awarded to fighters who put on the most thrilling individual performance.

Let’s take a closer look at the official UFC Ultimate Ultimate 1995 bonus winners below:

There were nine fights at UFC Ultimate Ultimate 1995: Ultimate Ultimate 1995, only four athletes received the bonuses. The Performance of the Night bonus went to , who will be leaving the Mammoth Gardens in Denver, Colorado with an extra $50,000. was awarded the Fight of the Night.

Did you know: According to Dana White, UFC is now worth around $9 billion, thanks to the deal with ESPN.

UFC Ultimate Ultimate 1995 fighter payouts

The salaries below are not official, but only an estimate. These payouts do not reflect the entire compensation for the event, as athletes may receive money from other undisclosed endorsements, Reebok sponsorship pay, and PPV points that some top-level fighters collect. Moreover, deductions for items such as insurance and licenses are not accounted for.

The list of fighter pay from UFC Ultimate Ultimate 1995:


The total disclosed payroll for UFC Ultimate Ultimate 1995 event is PENDING.

UFC Ultimate Ultimate 1995 attendance and gate

There were 2,800 fans inside the Mammoth Gardens for UFC Ultimate Ultimate 1995 on December 16. The reported gate for the event is: Undisclosed. The buyrate and viewership data is: 251,000.

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