Vicente Luque Comments on MVP’s Unusual Performance Against Fighters

So, Vicente Luque spilled the beans. He reckons Michael Page’s UFC debut was a bit of an eye-opener. It showed the UFC’s a whole other beast compared to the rest.

Oh, and by the way, Page, after what felt like forever in talks with the UFC, finally signed up last December. His first dance? Against Kevin Holland at UFC 299. Page, known for sending folks to the shadow realm with his strikes, did dazzle us a bit. Yet, he didn’t quite shake Holland to his core, which left some fans feeling a tad cold.

Luque, with a record that speaks volumes (22-9, if you’re curious), wasn’t all too impressed either. He hinted that maybe, just maybe, the UFC jitters got to Page. But hey, he’s still jazzed about the buzz Page brings to the welterweight scene. Even hinted at a possible showdown. Intriguing, right?

During a chit-chat at UFC Atlantic City’s media day, Luque, aged 32, shared his two cents. He’s seen Page as this almost untouchable striker, playing his opponents like a fiddle. But against Holland? Not the usual Page. Still, snagging a win is nothing to scoff at. And Luque’s all for testing his mettle against striking maestros like Page.

Next up for Luque is a face-off with Joaquin Buckley. That’s happening at UFC Atlantic City, March 30. Coming off a win against Rafael dos Anjos, Luque’s looking to keep the momentum. A bout with Ian Garry was on the cards for UFC 296, but alas, pneumonia had other plans for Garry.

Life, huh? Always keeping us on our toes.

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