Victor Henry Confirms No Permanent Damage After UFC 294 Groin Shot

At the UFC 294 event, a fight was abruptly halted due to an unintentional foul by fighter Javid Basharat on competitor Victor Henry. The nature of the incident was a low blow, causing significant pain to Henry, preventing him from continuing the match. As a result, the bout was declared a no contest.

Following the incident, Victor Henry was reportedly in significant discomfort, culminating in him vomiting backstage and subsequently requiring hospitalization. However, on Monday he shared on social media a positive health update expressing that doctors had confirmed no permanent damage had been sustained. He humorously mentioned that he would “walk funny for a couple of days” and that ice application had significantly reduced the swelling.

While many fans believed that Basharat should have been disqualified after the incident, Henry clarified in his update that he did not believe his opponent had ill intentions when he struck the illegal blow. He explained, “I don’t think my opponent had ill intentions to kick my nuts. He threw a legal strike that just so happen to hit an illegal spot. Totally not his fault, but that’s MMA.” On the contrary, in the aftermath of the fight, Basharat displayed less empathy announcing his plans to appeal the no contest verdict. He insinuated that his kick was legal and that he made Henry “quit” the match.

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