Wagner Moura from ‘Narcos’ Attends Jailton Almeida’s Training Session

Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweight contender Jailton Almeida is quickly becoming a star in the sport. Almeida comes to prominence a month before his headlining fight against Derrick Lewis in Sao Paulo. He was taken by surprise by the visit of Brazil’s superstar, Wagner Moura. Moura is globally recognized for his phenomenal acting in playing roles like Pablo Escobar in Netflix’s hit show “Narcos” and Colonel Nascimento in “Elite Squad.” Showing his versatility, Moura, aged 47, is also a purple belt holder in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

During a recent visit to his hometown, Salvador, Moura made an arrangement for a training session with UFC superstar, Almeida. Almeida was contacted by Moura’s physical therapist to schedule the training. Unknowingly, Almeida kept in touch with Moura before their training session on Oct. 5. Almeida was oblivious to the fact that he was conversing with the superstar. Moura texted Almeida about a friend being an admirer of Almeida who wanted to train with him. Almeida confirmed to the text and invited the friend to join him on Thursday.

“I’m putting the gi on in the gym, and all of a sudden, my friend Samuel recognizes Moura and exclaims, ‘Hey, it’s Colonel Nascimento!’” Almeida recounts his surprise. Initially, Almeida thought Samuel was joking. When it sank in that the friend was indeed Wagner Moura, the realization was followed by exhilaration. Almeida remarked, “F—-, I was so happy. A movie star went there to watch me train. That’s so gratifying. Never in a million years I thought that would happen…We have to leave a legacy. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring.” Almeida went on to secure a dominant unanimous decision victory against Derrick Lewis in their main event showdown at UFC Fight Night 231 on Saturday. Almeida has certainly had a momentous journey as he becomes a more recognizable face in UFC.

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