Brendan Allen Wishes Rakhmonov, Muhammad Avoid Fighting Each Other

Brendan Allen, a name buzzing in the welterweight scene, finds himself in a bit of a pickle. He’s got his eyes on the prize but wishes his teammates could avoid clashing paths.

Advertisement looms, but Allen’s focus is sharp.

He’s gearing up for a heated rematch against Chris Curtis at UFC Fight Night 240. Allen’s not just fighting for victory; he’s fighting for a chance to lead the pack from Kill Cliff FC, his Florida-based gym.

Belal Muhammad and Shavkat Rakhmonov, Allen’s gym buddies, are also in the title conversation. Muhammad’s been unbeatable in his last 10 fights, yet the title shot remains elusive. Rakhmonov? He’s a finishing machine, with all 18 wins ending before the final bell.

Allen’s throwing his support behind Muhammad for the next title shot. Yet, he can’t shake off the thought of Rakhmonov stepping up if he doesn’t. The idea of them fighting each other? It doesn’t sit well with him.

“It’s hard to say man,” Allen confessed in a chat with The Schmo. He’s torn, rooting for Muhammad but acknowledging Rakhmonov’s potential. Above all, he values their friendships and hopes business doesn’t pit them against each other.

A twist in Allen’s journey came when Marvin Vettori dropped out, bringing Curtis back into the picture. Their last encounter ended with Allen on the losing end. This time, he’s determined to showcase his versatility and dominate.

Allen’s strategy? Be unpredictable. He’s ready for Curtis’s tactics, aiming to excel in every fight aspect. “I don’t know man, I want to just go out there and perform a masterclass,” he stated, eyes on the prize but prepared for any outcome.

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