Cody Garbrandt Faced Vertigo in UFC 300 Loss

Oh boy, Cody Garbrandt’s evening at UFC 300? Not what he hoped for, to say the least.

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Yeah, the ex-bantamweight champ found himself in a bit of a pickle. He got caught in a submission by Deiveson Figueiredo in the second round. And if that wasn’t enough, the guy was battling vertigo mid-fight. Imagine that – the world spinning while you’re trying to dodge punches. Happened right there in Las Vegas, at the T-Mobile Arena.

Cody’s take? “I felt great in my fight until I started to experience vertigo,” he shared on X. The ground game? That’s where it all went south for him. Despite the setback, he tipped his hat to Figueiredo and his team. Post-fight, Cody’s night extended to an unwanted after-party at the hospital, dealing with more vertigo and nausea till the early hours.

But hey, Cody’s no stranger to vertigo. Been on that ride since 2012. Still, he’s grateful for the fan love and remains passionate about the octagon. Promises to make a comeback before the year’s out.

Cody even dropped a tweet about UFC 300, keeping it short and sweet.

On his feet, Cody was holding his own against the Brazilian in the first round. But the ground game in Round 2? That’s where things took a turn, leading to a tap-out due to a rear-naked choke. Coming off two wins in 2023, this was a tough pill to swallow.

And there you have it—quite the night for Cody Garbrandt, filled with highs and lows, but the fighter spirit? Unbroken.

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