Jorge Masvidal to Return to UFC Following Three Boxing Matches Agreement

Jorge Masvidal’s got a tale to tell, and it’s a bit of a curveball. He’s been given the green light by the UFC to step back into the octagon after dabbling in boxing. Yeah, you heard that right.

So, after hanging up his gloves at UFC 287 in April 2023, following a tough loss to Gilbert Burns, Masvidal was itching for more. It was his fourth loss on the trot, but quitting just wasn’t in his playbook. Instead, he set his sights on a boxing match with Nate Diaz, a move that raised quite a few eyebrows.

Diaz, having parted ways with the UFC in 2022, was on the lookout for new challenges. And so, the stage was set for June 1 at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles. They’d duke it out under the Fanmio Boxing banner, stepping into a ring rather than the cage.

Now, the UFC’s stance on letting their fighters box has been pretty rigid. Conor McGregor was the exception, not the rule. But Masvidal? He managed to swing a deal. Thanks to Solomon Engel, the big boss at Fanmio, Masvidal got the nod for not one, but three boxing bouts.

Masvidal’s game plan? Simple. “After these three fights, I’m diving back into MMA to shake things up,” he declared on “The MMA Hour.” The UFC’s response? A thumbs-up to his bold proposal.

Meanwhile, Masvidal kept his eyes glued to the BMF title fight at UFC 300. Max Holloway and Justin Gaethje were going at it, and Masvidal had his money on Gaethje. But when Gaethje faced a crushing defeat, Masvidal saw an opening for a killer comeback fight.

Despite Gaethje’s recent knockout loss, Masvidal isn’t holding back. “I don’t wanna kick a man when he’s down, but… I see an easy win for me,” he admitted. His critique was harsh but honest, pointing out Gaethje’s lack of defense as a golden opportunity.

In Masvidal’s words, it’s nothing personal. He respects Gaethje, even if the feeling doesn’t seem mutual. But in the fight game, it’s all about seizing opportunities. And Masvidal? He’s ready to make a statement, aiming to leave his mark, quite literally, on Gaethje’s face.

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