Rafael Fiziev Discusses Lessons Learned From Justin Gaethje Defeat

Rafael Fiziev is determined to bounce back from his second-ever Ultimate Fighting Championship loss that snapped his six-fight winning streak. Fiziev (12-2) will face Mateusz Gamrot (22-2) in the main event at UFC Vegas 79 on September 23. Despite coming up short in a majority decision against Justin Gaethje at UFC 291, the Kazakh fighter’s bout marked his sixth consecutive bonus-winning performance.

Moving on from the Loss

Although Gaethje is known for dealing career-damaging beatdowns to his opponents, Fiziev claims to have already moved on from the loss. During the UFC Vegas 79 media day, the 30-year-old said, “I already forget about [the loss to Gaethje] … I’m focused on my next opponent. Loss is last time – I’m sad for last time. Everybody don’t like loss. I want to come back to a good win. I want to make a show again, and I want to get my hand [raised].”

Learning Humility and Controlling Emotions

Fiziev acknowledges that he learned a lesson in humility from the loss, as well as the need to control the “fire” inside him. In the past, “Ataman” has been known to play to the crowd recklessly, but now he realizes the importance of staying collected. When asked about potential future matchups, Fiziev suggested that instead of thinking about other opponents, he will focus on himself.

“I’m humble, I’m always humble. No, no. No, have names. I’m second time learning in the UFC how I need to control my emotions, I need to stop my fire inside. Because on this fight I follow the fire inside of me and I feel like I hear the arena how they’re screaming. And I going forward, want more scream. I have to stay cold and follow my game plan. That’s what I learned,” Fiziev concluded.

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