Shillan & Duffy Recap UFC on ESPN 54 in After the Bell Podcast

“After the Bell,” you know, that moment when the dust settles and the crowd’s roar fades into the night? Yeah, that’s when Shillan & Duffy dive deep. They’re back at it, breaking down UFC on ESPN 54.

Man, what a night, huh?

They’ve got the lowdown, all the nitty-gritty details. From the jaw-dropping knockouts to those edge-of-your-seat submissions.

And, oh boy, do they have opinions.

You won’t wanna miss this recap. Trust me. It’s like being ringside, minus the sweat and blood.

So, grab your headphones. It’s time to dive in.

Shillan & Duffy? They’re your guys for the ultimate UFC breakdown.

“UFC on ESPN 54,” they’ve got it covered. From every angle, every punch, every submission.

Tune in. It’s more than just a recap; it’s like stepping into the octagon. Well, almost.

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