Themba Gorimbo Aims for Title After Knockout Victory Against Pete Rodriguez

Themba Gorimbo’s got his eyes on the prize, aiming sky-high after clinching his first stoppage victory in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. You could say, he’s shooting for the stars.

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Predicting a knockout in the first round for his third UFC appearance, Gorimbo didn’t just talk the talk. At UFC Fight Night 235, he walked the walk. With a powerful right, he sent Pete Rodriguez packing, hitting the canvas hard. And with a few more shots for good measure, the ref, Herb Dean, called it quits just 32 seconds into Round 1. Talk about making a statement.

Now, Gorimbo might not be ranked in the welterweight division yet, but he’s not shy about his goals. He’s eyeing UFC gold by year’s end. He’s got his sights set on big names like reigning champ Leon Edwards and the rising Kazakh star, Shavkat Rakhmonov.

In his own words post-fight, Gorimbo’s playing the long game. “This is business. Mr. Sean Shelby, I’d like the biggest opportunities,” he declared. He’s after the toughest fights, aiming to clinch the championship in 2024. Edwards or Rakhmonov? Doesn’t matter. He’s confident he’ll take them down.

Gorimbo’s story is nothing short of inspirational. From a tough start, illegally mining diamonds in Zimbabwe, to making waves in the UFC. His journey’s been a rollercoaster. After a rocky UFC debut, he bounced back with a win against Takashi Sato, catapulting him into the spotlight.

And here’s a twist – with just $7 in his bank account before his second UFC fight, Gorimbo’s fortunes took a Hollywood turn. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, yes, the WWE legend turned actor, not only bought him a house in Florida but also snagged him a sponsorship with ZOA Energy. Post-fight, Gorimbo didn’t forget to give a shoutout to “The Rock.”

So, there you have it. Gorimbo’s not just fighting battles in the octagon. He’s living a story that’s capturing hearts, from the gritty mines of Zimbabwe to the glitzy world of Hollywood and the UFC. Stay tuned. This is just the beginning.

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