UFC Fight Night 236 Highlight: Carlos Prates Defeats Trevin Giles

Oh man, did you catch that? UFC Fight Night 236 was just wild. So, here’s the scoop.

Carlos Prates? Absolutely demolished Trevin Giles. I mean, it was something else. You know, the kind of bout that leaves you staring at the screen, mouth agape.

It was one of those fights. The highlight reel? Just fire. Prates was on another level, truly.

And Giles? Tough break, really. He stepped into the octagon, all pumped. But Prates, man, he was just unstoppable.

Honestly, it was a spectacle. The kind that makes you think, “What did I just witness?” Pure adrenaline, I tell ya.

So, yeah. That’s the gist. Carlos Prates tearing it up at UFC Fight Night 236. You gotta see it to believe it.

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