UFC Fight Night 236 Prelims: Carlos Prates Scores One-Punch Knockout Against Trevin Giles

Carlos Prates really made it count, huh? One shot was all it took. He stepped into the UFC spotlight and didn’t just stand there; he punched his way to a win against Trevin Giles. And not just any win—a knockout in the second round. That’s right, during the UFC Fight Night 236 prelims in Las Vegas, Prates showed what he’s made of.

Prates, now holding an 18-6 record (with a shiny 1-0 in the UFC), sealed the deal 4:03 into Round 2. Talk about timing.

Giles? Well, he was leading the dance for the most part. Throwing jabs, power punches, and aiming kicks at Prates’ legs. But Prates, oh, he had a trick up his sleeve. Those brutal knees to the body? They were just a prelude. When he landed that straight left, Giles hit the deck. No extra punches needed.

Prates isn’t stopping here. He’s riding an eight-fight winning streak into his next battle.

Switching gears, let’s talk about Bolaji Oki and Timothy Cuamba. Oki, with his persistent jab, snagged a split decision in their lightweight clash. The judges were all over the place, but two of them sided with Oki. Cuamba, stepping in last minute for Damir Hadzovic, couldn’t find an answer to Oki’s jabs and power punches. By the third round, Oki was mixing it up with hooks and knees, leaving Cuamba’s face a canvas of red.

Oki’s now won nine straight. Impressive, right?

Then there’s Konklak Suphisara, inching her way up at 115 pounds. She claimed a unanimous decision over Bruna Brasil in what can only be described as a lukewarm match. All judges agreed on a 29-28 score in favor of Suphisara. Brasil, it seems, couldn’t find the gear shift. Suphisara, on the other hand, danced around, landed a takedown, and kept scoring with precise strikes.

Suphisara’s on a three-win streak now. She’s definitely one to watch.

But wait, there’s more. Bogdan Guskov bounced back from a recent loss by taking down Zac Pauga with punches in the first round. Guskov, after absorbing kicks and punches, delivered a two-punch combo that sent Pauga crumbling. It was over at 3:38 into Round 1. This marked Guskov’s 12th first-round finish. The man’s got power.

And let’s not forget Hyder Amil. He stepped in for Melsik Baghdasaryan and made the most of it, finishing Fernie Garcia with punches and body kicks in the second round. Amil’s strategy of pressure and counterattacks paid off, earning him a victory 2:12 into Round 2. Now, he’s undefeated with six finishes out of nine fights.

Lastly, in other fights, Marcin Prachnio outstruck Devin Clark for a unanimous decision win. Max Griffin barely edged out Jeremiah Wells in a split decision. And an unfortunate illegal kick from Daniel Marcos to Qileng Aori’s groin ended their match in a no contest.

Phew, what a night of fights, right? Each one telling its own tale of triumph, strategy, and sometimes, sheer luck.

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