Amanda Nunes Scouting Report Summary

Amanda Nunes, born May 30, 1988, is a 35-year-old female fighter from Pojuca, Brazil. She competes in the Women’s Bantamweight division and stands at 5’8″ with a reach of 69″. Nunes holds a record of 22-5, with 15-2 in the UFC. She is associated with American Top Team and is currently in the post-prime stage of her career. Despite being past her peak, Nunes remains a dominant force in the division, excelling in both striking and grappling. However, her slightly slower hands and flawed cardio have become more apparent, making her more vulnerable in fights.


Nunes is an orthodox fighter with slightly above-average hand speed. She focuses primarily on power punches and has true knockout capabilities in both hands, a rare quality in women’s MMA. Her main punches include a right cross, a left hook, and a looping right, all of which are accurate and powerful. Nunes also employs stout leg kicks and can unleash a hellacious head kick. Although her hands are slower than they were at her peak, they are still faster than average.


In the clinch, Nunes poses a significant threat due to her powerful takedowns. She is a big, powerful, and intimidating bantamweight with a variety of trips, high-crotch doubles, and even a harai goshi in her arsenal. While her knees are accurate and impactful, they are not a major weapon, and she does not throw elbows. Nunes’ defense against knees and elbows is sound.


As long as she has the energy, Nunes is the best overall grappler in the women’s bantamweight division. She is a solid wrestler from a shot, although she tends to reach a little too much. Inside the clinch, few opponents can resist her takedowns. On top, Nunes can potentially finish with brutal ground-and-pound if given enough space. Defensively, she can be taken down but is usually excellent at getting back to her feet. When on the bottom due to fatigue, Nunes often finds herself in trouble.


Nunes is still powerful and dynamic in terms of athleticism and general physical strength. However, her cardio is a definite weakness, as overexerting herself too much in the first round can lead to visible fatigue as early as Round 2. Her chin is strong, and she has shown the ability to take multiple shots with few ill effects. Nunes has also displayed impressive intelligence, improving tremendously over her career and exploiting the weaknesses of her opponents.

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