Charles Oliveira Scouting Report

Charles Oliveira, born on October 17, 1989, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, is considered one of the most skilled and complete fighters in MMA history. Oliveira is a highly accomplished Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner, wrestler, and striker. Known for his top-shelf striking and powerful punches, Oliveira is a versatile fighter with exceptional natural fluidity and speed. His grappling skills are equally impressive, often staying one step ahead of his opponents and submitting even the best grapplers with his guillotine or rear-naked choke. Furthermore, Oliveira excels in wrestling and delivers brutal ground-and-pound while maintaining top control. His cardio, once a weakness, is now outstanding, and he is known for recovering well from blows and operating with exceptional intelligence. His only mild weakness is his merely good defense, which can potentially be punctured.


Oliveira’s striking capabilities are jaw-dropping, considering he does not come from a striking background. He has mastered every single punch he uses, from his laser jab and powerful right cross to textbook hooks from either hand and an incredible right uppercut. His kicks are jarring and sudden, ranking among the best in the sport. Oliveira’s knee at range is dynamic, powerful, and accurate. His footwork and movement around the cage are phenomenal, often making it appear that he covers space at a different rate of speed than others. However, his defense, possibly his only true weakness, is good but not great.


In the clinch, Oliveira is ridiculously strong and few, if any, can rival his technique. He pelts opponents with powerful knees while in tight spaces and often avoids being hit by any return fire. Oliveira’s physical strength, technique, and ability to deliver hard, accurate knees at a constant rate make him a formidable opponent in the clinch.


Oliveira is one of the best grapplers MMA has ever seen, possibly the best at applying BJJ to the sport. He is a monster with takedowns in the clinch and once there, he terrorizes opponents on top, dissecting them with brutal ground-and-pound or easily slicing through their guard with possibly the most dangerous RNC in combat sports. His heavy hips make getting back up almost impossible for his opponents. From his back, Oliveira is generally outstanding with a never-ending, hyper-fast series of submission attempts, transitions, and sweeps.


Oliveira is shockingly strong and boasts fluid, athletic movements. His cardio, once a weakness, is now excellent, allowing him to fight at a breakneck pace against certain opponents while barely slowing down in the third round. He has a formidable chin but can be hurt by particularly strong connections. Oliveira is known for his recuperative powers, intelligence, and the ability to consistently make good decisions during a fight.

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